My Approach as a Supervisor

I am a qualified supervisor with substantial experience working with both seasoned professionals as well as trainees. My approach to supervision is outlined below.

In general, my way of working with supervisees corresponds with my approach to client work. Working within the integrative/existential framework, my consequent disposition is to work with a relational approach to supervision that facilitates a mutually acceptable space for reflection,discovery and change.

In the context of psychological therapy, there are three key supervisory roles. These are:
  • Developmental: through promoting the therapeutic competence and quality of work of the supervisee;
  • Monitoring: ensuring that the welfare of the supervisee's clients is maintained by overseeing  her/his practise;
  • Supporting: providing a space for reflection and holding.
I believe that the emphasis placed on each function will vary with the context, the latter being defined by both the experience and preferences of the supervisee. However, in my approach I stress the importance of a reflective space for the review of client work, and feel that it is appropriate that monitoring activities take place within this supportive context.
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