Towards a Radical Psychotherapy
Journal of Existential Analysis, Vol.28 No:1, January 2017
This article considers the way in which perceptions of the 'other' change with the socio-cultural environments that encompass our experiences. I argue that when we facilitate change in the way that a person experiences the world, we are acting both politically and from a radical perspective.
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The Liberation Psychologist: A Tribute to Jean-Paul Sartre
Chapter 7 in “Psychotherapy and the Counter-tradition: The Edge of Philosophy",
M. Bazzano and J. Webb (Eds), Routledge, London, March 2016

In this paper I describe how Jean-Paul Sartre’s unswerving commitment to non-conformism and to the cause of the disadvantaged is linked to an existential philosophy that can provide the foundations for a coherent and practical psychotherapeutic approach. 
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Sexual Expression, Authenticity and Bad Faith​
Chapter 4 in "Sexuality: Existential Perspectives",
M.Milton (ed); PCCS Books, London, 2014

In this chapter I draw on a number of existential themes to create a view of sexual expression that understands both sexual activity and sexuality as part of an underlying and fundamental consequence of our relations with others; relations that are played out through a dialectical process, not only at the intra and inter-personal levels, but also at the social and cultural.
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Escaping into the Other:
An Existential View of Sex and Sexuality
Journal of Existential Analysis, Vol.22 No:2, July 2011

This article outlines an existential approach to sex and sexuality, with reference to the work of Jean-Paul Sartre, one that contextualises the individual within a social and historical environmnent. 
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On Being a Person:
Sartre's Contribution to Psychotherapy
Journal of Existential Analysis, Vol.22 No:1, January 2011

This article focuses on the existential preoccupation of what it means to be an inidvidual. Drawing on the philosopy of Jean-Paul Sartre, I argue that from the maelstrom of consciousness emerges our constant striving to who we are and who we might become.
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