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Psychotherapy as a politial act: first thoughts

Among Sartre’s publications one that stands out as a political tract is the small but profound work, Anti-semite and Jew. His analysis of the roots of prejudice, and his understanding of how the process of persecution arises, makes a valuable … Continue reading

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A Brief Note on the Self, Western Existentialism and Psychotherapy

If we trace western thinking on the ‘self’ back to Socrates and Plato, that tradition sought to find the ‘real’ nature of things through a process of reason such that thought, or the knowledge that it produced, might lead to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Buddhist and Western concepts of attachment

Western conceptions of attachment theory, at first glance, seem very different to Buddhist notions of attachment but, I suggest, this is partly down to interpretations and use of the word, rather than necessarily a divergence of concept. In thinking about … Continue reading

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Introducing this blog

This blog is designed to explore ideas related to existential psychotherapy. Initially, I will focus on two related but distinct areas for discussion. The purpose of the first is to discuss the connections and distinctions between western existentialism (that is … Continue reading

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